Smart & Renewable Energy

Our solar panel system is equipped with GPRS/WiFi Data Logger technology to monitor the absorbed energy produced by our solar PV module. Even better, you can monitor and review the data yourself from your phone and PC.

Light-weight Designs

With Japan latest technologies, our partner’s engineering team are able to made a light-weight and thin solar module up to 3.7kg/㎡ compared to the standard of 12.5kg/㎡ while maintaining the same power input efficiency

New Type of Investment

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) have changed their laws regarding the amount of energy PLN must buy from solar panel owner from 65% to 100%. This change made investing in a solar system a great choice for home and business owner

Why Solar Panel?

In Choosing clean energy

Our Sun have always produced clean and sustainable energy for million of years. Introduced in the 1960s, solar system technology that was used for space has matured and now can be used for industry and commercial use. Indonesia is a great country with abundance of sunlight to maximize the use of solar cells technology, and with the recent government’s law change, owning or investing in solar panel has never been more profitable.


Years of Experience in Solar Module*


Kilograms Lighter than the standard panel**


Watt Power input per module

More than 13 year experience in industry

In partnering with JSKYE (PT. Sky Energi Indonesia), a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and modules since 2008, we strives to achieve higher efficiency and flexible integration modules for various needs, and to be the loyal protector of our green planet.


jskye solar panel

Introducing J-Leaf

J-leaf solar panel is the new type of solar panel alongside with it’s cousin, J-feather and J-Bifacial. It features frameless design, 5.6kg/m2 weight with 3mm thickness compared to the standard 11-14kg and 35-40mm and with frame. J-leaf also offers the same sturdiness, power input (255W) and 18.5 to 20% efficiency with reduced stress on your rooftop. Making it more advanced compared to the standard solar module.

Product Specifications

Lets protect the planet together!

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